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Children's Art Camp - a New thing

I don't know why it is called a camp because we don't sleep over but a day long art class seems to be called an art camp! Donna Drouin and I are trying out having a full day of art for a few children at my house this summer. We are planning in short and long art activities with lots of 'movement brakes' as they call them in South Australia. I have a garden with chickens in a coop, grass to sit on, a mini trampoline and outside games which will work well for break times. It takes a lot of energy and concentration to do art and good rest is essential.

It will be great to have a whole day to work on a main project with several fun optional activities. I suspect there will be some printing because that is Donna's specialty while I am a painter. We already teach after school for an hour and one-a-week hour of art in the Summer Holidays but this is different for us being a whole day.

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