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My first Mural

I have always wanted to do a mural in my home. After being inspired by some online teaching that asked, what I really wanted to do that was a bit naughty, I remember my desire to do a big room specific work of art. My husband agreed. The room needed some preparation but in January I began.

I soon realised how physical doing a large work can be and how much longer it takes to paint, not to mention the paint fumes from that volume of acrylic paint. It was slightly scary seeing so much colour covering the wall after the first very bright layer. The following layers gave me so much joy and little-by-little over several days it came together. The squares representing some paper weaving in the original plan were created by printing with a square sponge and that completed the art work. When dry a sealing layer was added.

It is delightful and makes me so happy every time I use my utility room. It has a toilet so many guests have also had the joy of viewing the work. It is so loose and bright and luscious. One friend wants me to paint something similar by her back door. That will also be so fun.

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