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Calming the Storm

Calming the Storm


24 x 24 inches


Calming the Storm was painted after reading the story of Jesus calming the storm in the Bible.  An interest in both boats and leaves are combined in the choice of and English Oak leaf in the central calm. Oak is a symbol of strength and stability. This image was created with a poem as a dance between the two. The storm has dark sinister patches, printing of net patterns and sharpe scratchings in.


Calming the Storm


The sea circles like a prowling cat

Fury in the waves

Ready to pounce

To overwhelm the delicate boat

Swamping it with salty sea


Leviathan stirs the mix

Frothing at his sharp toothed mouth

Eels and pike ride the nasty waves

About to strike, to bite, twist

Suck away life


“Awake from baby slumber,

Save us, Help us”


A pure voice awakened

More clear and powerful

Than all the evil intent

“Be still!” the voice rebuked

And like an obedient dog

The sea stood still


Mirror still

Level and waiting

Still as death

Calm as strong as life


(June 2023)

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