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Glenda Gibson - Abstract - Bottesford Mao.2021.09.jpg

Glenda Gibson

 Colours of hope and joy.

Latest Artwork

February 2024

After finishing her first mural, Glenda started another project she has always wanted to do. She is illustrating a children's book writen by her son, Patrick. 

Glenda Gibson Mums Mum 2024.jpg

Next Exhibition

September 2024

Glenda will be exhibiting as part of NROS. Details to be confirmed. 

Glenda gibson tropical buds Acrylic and pencils 2023.jpg

About Glenda Gibson

I Paint.

I like to push around thick oil paint in pleasing patterns.

Sometimes I paint something so I have shapes to hang my colour on.   

I am an explorer

brushing, scraping, slurping, sliding 

sumptuous, rich and robust oil paint

over taut canvas trampolining back

after each energetic daub

or sweep of red,

blue and blue and blue,

impossible pink

sunshine yellow, gold and greens

A colour funfair all light

reflecting, refracting and shining bright

with deep healing joy.

"I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it."

Vincent van Gogh

Wheat Field with Cypresses
Writing with Pen
Computer Keyboard


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